Where To Find a Reliable Source for Specialized Aircraft Rivets

It’s essential that aircraft manufacturers ensure the pieces of an aircraft frame are as strong as possible to withstand the stresses placed on them. A factor that is just as important in the construction of the frame is the ways to the pieces of the frame are connected or fastened to each other. Since connecting joints and fasteners can often be the weakest points on a wing or airplane body, selecting the right fastener is of the utmost importance. Aircraft parts manufacturers know that Cherry Blind Rivets stand up well to the stresses and demands placed on them.

A blind rivet is a specialized fastener that can be installed if the joint being riveted is difficult to access. In aircraft construction, riveting is frequently used because the materials being joined, such as alloys manufactured of aluminum, are more difficult to connect by soldering. Riveting also usually adds less weight to the aircraft when compared to soldering. Typically, blind rivets are used if the joint can only be reached from one side. A blind rivet usually has two or three parts, the rivet body, a device called a mandrel that sets the rivet and sometimes a locking ring. Rivets with either countersunk or protruding heads can be used in a wide variety of aircraft construction instances.

Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corporation provides a number of different types of aircraft blind rivets from Cherry Aerospace. An aircraft manufacturer can find Max, Wiredraw and Bulb rivets as well as self-plugging and non-structural pull-through rivets. Materials used in constructing the components of these rivets include aluminum, stainless steel and alloys, in addition to Iconel and Monel combinations. The finishes provided for the rivets range from plain to clear and red anodized and aluminum coatings.

A manufacturer looking for a steady and dependable supply of blind rivets wants a supplier that carries a good stock of the highest quality products. Working with knowledgeable supplier representatives can help a manufacturer get the rivets needed as soon as possible, thanks to 24-hour shipping availability around the world. Contacting Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp. will get an aircraft parts manufacturer on the road to having the necessary supplies just when they’re needed.