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London Night Clubs 101: How to Get a Table

Anyone can do it and get a table at the hottest London night clubs. There are only three things you need to have to get it, cash, good connections, and planned reservations. Admittance to the hottest London night clubs is easier during the summer where travel is in season. Go ahead and book a Mahiki table before everything runs out. If you are not ready yet then start saving your money, make friends with key players in London, and plan out your reservation well.

Here are the tips for you to know so you can get a table at the hottest London night clubs. Before the party night, check the availability and pricing of the night club you are planning to go to. To do that the easiest way is to make a phone call. You can even email the website using the customer support option. In the website, complete the form that you are required to so you can reserve a table for your guests. Make sure to fill out the form for a bottle service reservation. There are options for you if you want a limo to come and pick you up at a set time. When you arrive at the venue you are going to pay the bottle service table reservation since you are not going to use your credit card online.

Once you made a reservation online make sure to get there. There is a separate line for bottle service table reservations that you’ll need to get in line at. You will be assisted by a hostess or a host who will walk you over to your booth or table. That will be your designated spot for the night. Throughout the night you have a place that can always come back to. You will have a spot to come back to even if you decided to leave the spot. You will also have your own hostess or host who can assist all your needs throughout the night.
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You need to arrive at the night club at a certain time that they’ll give you in order to get your table. They follow the first come first basis rule. On busy nights, they will ask you to come to the venue earlier than they would normally would. If you don’t get there someone else does. Don’t regret not getting that table for you.
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The reservations form is intended for you so they have you on the list. But you’re not guaranteed anything until you get there and you pay for it.

If you want a bottle booth and you want to have a good time at London night clubs go to their website.