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Signs That It Is Better To End Your Relationship with the Realtor

The real estate market has some peculiarity in that you need to go through a real estate agent so that you can close a deal. It is hard for the buyers to deal directly with the buyers since they do not know each other. As such, the real estate agents are pivots in this market. Buyers and sellers will have to use them at one time or the other. it is possible that you have already identified a realtor if you intend to buy a real estate property. It is possible that you have a dishonest agent or own who cannot give you what you are searching. This can make you feel distrust and possible affect the relationship you have the realtor. You know very well that this is one of the major investments you can do and therefore ought to be convinced that you are taking the right action. It becomes a headache since you are not sure whether ending the relationship is the best thing, or you should try to fix it. It is better to try by discussing the issues with your realtor and perhaps something better would come out. This idea should not, however, take much of your efforts.

The top signs show that you need to end the relationship with realtor. Such a sign could be that the agent is always showing you homes above your price range or those that look bad. At this point, ask the agent if there are no good houses within your price range. the agent might realize your determination and therefore commit to providing you with better options. Don’t feel guilty to end the relationship if you see no changes.

Another sign that it is better to cut the relation with the realtor is time wastage. You may declare it cut if the realtor has such behaviors like not picking your calls, not replying to emails and hundreds of voicemails. Perhaps, you dream home could be bought by another person just because of such things.

If you realize that the agent focus on the commission is too high. It is not a strange thing that the agent has to win you to earn the commission. It would signal that they do not have your interests at all if they are pressurizing you to buy a house that is out of range.

If you current realtor is constantly showing bad homes, think of getting another one. Their intention is to convince you that it is literally hard to get a good home and therefore you will be willing to pay for the first beautiful house.

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