Month: June 2017

Minimalist House Interior Design

Currently a minimalist home model is becoming a trend and widely applied. Implementation of the concept of a minimalist house many done to suppress the price of the house in order to reach the middle to lower class.

Basically, building a minimalist home would be cheaper, for more information : cheap housing decorating from perumnas.The size of the building that is not too big makes the need for land is not too large, and also in the construction does not require a lot of building materials because of the area that is not too large.

Minimalist house is identical to the area that is not too big. This will be quite difficult for you when you want to set the layout of the space and put the interior in the room so that the room concerned does not look cramped.

Living Room minimalist
Living room is one of the space in the house. In the interior selection for a minimalist living room, try to choose a not too big. For example in the selection of interiors, choose the interior should adjust to the room, not to choose chairs and tables that are too big because it will make the room look cramped.

For decoration is not necessarily a luxury, even just decorative painting or wallpaper use on the living room wall is enough to make the living room look more beautiful.

The bedroom is a house of the minimalism
The bedroom is a vital space, and must be inside the house. Minimalist houses usually only have a narrow room. Given the bedroom requires a mattress for the bed, you can choose a mattress with a size that is not too large.

For decoration problems, it’s a good idea to put a table in a drawer and put some decorations … Read More ...